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Author Topic: Ponderings 2  (Read 1273 times)

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Ponderings 2
« on: June 25, 2005, 07:47:11 PM »


Just realized that if I simply tack on each new writing to the original post, ya'll will have to mouse down a ways each time. Soooo, I'll break 'em up. Here's the next installment:

Simple Gifts -- There is an old Shaker tune I enjoy listening to called Simple Gifts. The version I listen to is purely instrumental and features a hammered dulcimer and violin as the primary instruments. There is an overpowering simplicity to the tune that is so relaxing. It gently and calmly draws you into it and it’s impossible to not start humming the basic riff halfway through. You feel the tension in your body just melt away as pure calm pleasantly fills in the emptiness. A banjo pickin’ friend says the tune is called “Simple Gifts Are the Best Gifts.” I did some research and determined “Simple Gifts” is the actual name. I glanced at the lyrics and, while they fit the historical nature of the tune, I like the concept I had assigned to the tune in my own mind better. That concept is that simple gifts truly are the best gifts. The three gifts I find are the best gifts are: a kind word, a gentle touch, and a smile meant just for me. They truly are simple no-frill gifts but, oh, what fantastic gifts to receive not only during good times but especially during bad times. Such gifts cost no money or labor. They cost only the giver’s genuine concern for the receiver. These gifts mean the world to the recipient. Sometimes the recipient doesn’t even realize the gift is being given—only that, during that particular moment, all is right with the world. Simple gifts truly are the best gifts.

Whoosh -- While pondering a question put to me earlier today during my drive, I became aware of the almost silent but insistent “whoosh” sound of my truck traveling alone down the highway. It is an invigorating sound. I recall a similar sound when flying in a hang glider during my hang gliding course in Germany. It dawns on me that the “whoosh” sound made as I traveled alone down that road tells me that one can never do something without causing something else to happen. There is always some form of consequence to an action. Everyone should know that. It’s basic. But sometimes we need a “whoosh” sound to remind us of universal truths.
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