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Title: For Discussion
Post by: Magispook on April 13, 2012, 01:46:48 PM
Read something in the AARP newsletter today which directed me to the below site.  In essence, through the site one can cyber-beg for funds for just about anything from support for a neighbor who just got burned out of his house, medical bills, or to fund your dream vacation.  I had psych and marketing courses as part of my college education and I must admit there is a temptation for me to experiment with this but my over-all question is "is it ethical to cyber-beg."  I was brought up to be ashamed to accept any charity or to (gasp) actually solicit same.  I suspect others my generation feel the same.  Folks older or younger than me may have completely different attitudes about such a thing. The flip side is the fact that one cannot donate unless one wants to.  I think this topic could be one that generates some diverse commentary on the subject.  It may also be of assistance if one was to champion the cause of a down and out friend/family member, etc.  What say ya'll?

Title: Re: For Discussion
Post by: chloe on April 13, 2012, 04:15:43 PM
I agree!!
Family and friends and my community get my attentions when it comes to helping in any way I can.
If I am not mistaken most local Red Cross and other organizations help. In case of a huge health
issue for a local family most stores allow collection jars at their check out.

Maybe I am too pessimistic when it comes to someone begging for funds on the net.
Seem to me there may be a lot of scamming going on.
Title: Re: For Discussion
Post by: NavyGal on April 14, 2012, 07:55:33 AM
I went and read the website.  On-line panhandling was my first thought.  Second thought was - this is just one more way of today's society thinking of 'If I can't afford to live at my desired level of comfort, then you should help fund my lifestyle.' 

There is a difference in raising money to help pay for catastrophic medical bills or personal calamities (house burning down, etc) and blatantly asking your friends to fund your wedding, honeymoon, birthday party, kitchenaid mixer, or vacation.  Irresponsible, unrealistic, and self-centered are the general terms that come to my mind about this idea.

Pathetic that our 'society' has gotten to the point when things like this are acceptable and normal.