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Title: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on August 02, 2009, 07:56:19 PM
Perception - Just saw a segment on the news about a 65 year old guy studying for a new career in law enforcement.  He was in a class of obviously younger fellow students.  The situation caused me to remember something from years ago when I was a young agent full of pi$$ and vinegar going through a tactical course in the Philippines (jungle course).  We agents went through portions of a course with USAF security police.  I was around 32 years old at the time which was considered gettin' on in the years in terms of military demographics.  One of the cops was an old man--he was 35 which earned him designation as a grandpa.  We had to follow Filipino special forces guys over terrain at dusk at a rapid pace humping rucks and M-16s plus any other specialized gear.  Everyone was humping to include the mostly 19 year olds and us few geezers.  We got to the top of a mountain and the special forces guys had pity on us in that they allowed us a ten minute rest.  We agents were considered a novelty and folks liked to talk with us.  The 35 year old Viet Nam vet geezer confided to me that "I thought I was going to just drop going up that last hill but I wasn't going to let them young'uns see that so I just kept at it."  About five minutes later, one of the 19 year old young'uns confided in me that "I thought I was going to just drop going up that last hill but if that old guy could do it, I sure wasn't going to so I just kept at it."  As for me, I sure as blazes wasn't going to disgrace the agent  corps by dropping for all the young'uns to see and I sure as blazes wasn't going to drop out if that old geezer wasn't going to.  Machismo has its place, I guess.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: CountryLady on August 02, 2009, 11:35:53 PM
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on August 12, 2009, 07:39:18 PM
Time Travel - I had some business to conduct at my old elementary school Monday.  I attended there decades ago.  To this day I can vividly recall seeing my teacher (probably the only black teacher teaching white kids in the entire county school system at the time) crying and telling us President Kennedy had been killed.  The school was not only my elementary school but also my junior high school.  I walked to the office on autopilot--no need to even look for it as the location, as I suspected, had not changed.  I conducted my business and asked if I could check out the hallway a bit as school is not yet in session.   I (atypically) lowered my guard to determine what memories, if any, would manifest themselves.  Sometimes I take chances and love a good experiment.  Would they be good or bad?  Specific or general?  Rather quickly I had to pop the barriers back in place and exit the building.  My overwhelming sense was "injustice."  Given my experience as an adult plus my college and school of hard knocks education, I understand the dynamics of the time and culture those many years ago.  I can understand the "why" of the then and can objectively contrast with the education culture and dynamics of now.  Things have improved immensely in terms of leveling the field.  But the injustice of different treatment of those of us on the lower portion of the socio-economic spectrum, cronyism, and pettiness of some adults and, predictably, children is something that cannot (and arguably should not) be forgotten by me.  There were some dedicated and truly gifted teachers but there were others, two in particular that I recall (one later murdered his entire family), who I sincerely hope will encounter their karma before they die.  Then again, perhaps (most likely) they were products of their time.  My daughter and nieces, on the other hand, enjoy the benefits of being somewhere in the middle of the socio-economic spectrum and they have the advantage of a more professional and dedicated teaching staff.  They will most likely have a better sense if they somehow end up walking into their old schools sometime in the future.  As for me, I believe I will be careful of time travel for awhile.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: CountryLady on August 12, 2009, 09:04:01 PM
Ah.... I understand. Funny how 'unfairness' is something that sticks with us.

Altho much longer ago than your's are, those days are as crisp and clear in my mind now as they were then. We students had a great time, and learned a lot from some extremely dedicated teachers. But I still have to wish we were taught even more about how to live our lives, make wise decisions, understand human nature more... I guess everything happens when its supposed to. Life isn't perfect, and it probably isn't supposed to be. It just seemed to be very nearly perfect back then.

:ty2 for sharing Dan. :hug
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on August 24, 2009, 09:12:20 PM
Burdensome Clothing - A few weeks back a member of a retired agents group I belong to put out a request for a USAF dress blues shirt so he could wear it to his grandson's graduation from AF basic training.  We're the same size so I sent him mine as a loaner.  He sent me a pic of him wearing his USAF uniform as a retiree.  In the pic (everyone in uniform) were his kids and his grandson (the recent basic training grad).  Three generations of military service were represented.  Three sons (2 USAF enlisted) and one Army enlisted (love the caption noting "one in green but we love him anyway").  One daughter who went the USAF officer route (a captain).  All career military.  And of course the newest USAF grad.  Family tradition.  Just got the shirt back and decided to try on my old dress blues uniform for grins.  Still fits!  The pants waist could use an inch of letting out for relief but otherwise fits the same as the day I retired.  Funny thing about putting on that uniform.........the burdensome weight of responsibility went on with the uniform and pretty much left when I took it off just now.  A relief to take it off to be honest.  Means to me that I have acknowledged the burden has been passed to the younger generation if you look at it symbolically.  Wish I had been there to tell that young'un to make his family and his country proud by his actions.  He's just startin' out on a wild and most important ride.  The old crew has prepared the way.  Now it's his turn to shoulder the burden.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: CountryLady on August 25, 2009, 02:31:28 AM
What a wonderful legacy your friend has laid out for others to follow. :smiflag

My sincere appreciation to you ALL~! (including the green one) :giggle

 :smiflag :smiflag :smiflag :smiflag :smiflag :smiflag :smiflag :smiflag :smiflag :smiflag
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Post by: jollyquilter on August 25, 2009, 08:50:25 AM
What a  wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it.

And much thanks to all our service  men and women ( what ever the color of  thier uniforms)

     :smiflag  :smiflag  :smiflag   :smiflag  :smiflag  :smiflag  :smiflag  :smiflag  :smiflag
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on November 08, 2009, 02:08:29 PM
Wood's In - Got our second dump truck load of wood yesterday evening and finished stacking it this morning.  Nice, well seasoned cherry and oak.  My wife loves entertaining her friends when we're burning cherry.  They love to roast chestnuts and sweet potatoes over/in the fire.  Whew, glad that's done.  I always worry about getting my wood in before the weather turns really cold.  We have an all-electric home so the wood is not only our supplemental heat but our primary emergency heat source as well.  The other sources are solar powered pellet stove, kerosene, and propane in that order.  Of course, we use what solar heating we can get as well in addition to winterizing the home.  The girls (one suspects by design but in their defense they didn't know when the wood would be delivered) all had something else going on elsewhere so yours truly did all the moving and stacking.  The older I get the more it hurts afterwards.  One thing about wood heat:  it heats you up numerous times - cutting it, splitting it, stacking it, and burning it.   ::D
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on December 24, 2009, 10:52:39 PM
Devious I Am- Our two 15 year olds girls (the 17 year old is in HI with her father) have been pestering us to have the opportunity to taste wine for the first time this Christmas Eve.  Well, I guess to everything there is a season so I decided to let them try some.......heh, heh, heh.  I don't believe they should like wine so much so I decided to give them each a finger of an Italian wine called Sambuca in a brandy snifter.  For those unfamiliar with Sambuca, it is an acquired taste, and the best way to describe the flavor is that of Vicks cough syrup back in the 60's to include the burn going down the throat.  It's made with anise and some would say tastes like Greek Uzo.  I could hardly keep a straight face as they intertwined arms like in the movies and drank the entire approximate teaspoonful in one gulp.  I wish I had a video--the reaction was that funny:  eyes big and round, look of shock, and running for a glass of water with the same face my daughter had as an infant tasting lemon or olives for the first time.  Out of fairness my wife, who thinks I'm cruel but couldn't help laugh when not in the girls' presence, made me get them the same amount of a local WV red wine (a great winery right here in my county), which, I explained to them would be like that served at communion or a local restaurant.  Not having learned a lesson from the wine tasting encounter less than fifteen minutes previous, they did the same thing and had nearly the same reaction.  So, about a tablespoon total of two different wines and I think my daughter definitely will not be tempted by peers to drink and my niece (who felt the red wine wasn't super nasty) will also most likely decline the offer.   So, score one for the old man.  Devious I am.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: CountryLady on December 26, 2009, 02:14:49 PM
I'd have loved to be a mouse in the corner to see those faces. :lol

Yes you're devious...but you're fair, and predictable. :hug :MC
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on March 15, 2010, 07:56:22 PM
Unexpected Practical Joke Response - My dad will be 80 in a few weeks.  He had to get his drivers license renewed today so I took him over to the DMV.  His fine motor skills such as signing paperwork are not that great so I wrote out the check while another clerk was taking his photo.  The form said the fee was $18 so that's the amount I wrote the check for.  Turns out the fee is $18 if your license is expired.  Otherwise it is $13.  So the clerk refunded a crisp $5 bill to me as my dad was walking over to be seated.  Since the office was almost completely deserted (I timed our visit right), the opportunity presented itself for a variation of one of my classic practical jokes.  The last time I did it was on a colleague about eight years ago and the result was hilarious.  Here's what I did years ago.  I got in line at the cafeteria as my colleage was getting a cup of coffee.  Concluding the very attractive cashier would enjoy a great practical joke, I paid for his coffee without his knowledge, and enlisted her help.  When he tried to pay for the coffee, she gave him that "come hither look" told him "you don't have to pay for your coffee because you're soooo handsome."  The look on his face was priceless.  Fast-forward to today.  Similar scenario.  I enlisted the assistance of the clerk who took his license photo, gave her the $5 bill, and instructed her to tell my dad he gets a $5 bill just because he's so good lookin.'  She did a good job and my dad thanked her and took the money.  On the way out, I remarked it seemed a great deal to get money for your looks.  To which my dad replied "I think I'll go back and have her take another photo......" 
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Post by: chloe on March 16, 2010, 03:52:56 PM
You are for sure a scamp  :giggle

But you know I think that might have been one of the best secret birthday gift you could have given your Dad at his age.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: jollyquilter on March 16, 2010, 10:03:30 PM
I agree what a great gift to give your dad.   :love
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on April 10, 2010, 08:57:58 PM
Shoes - For some reason today I remembered my grandma taking me to buy a pair of shoes when I was 7 or 8.  Great excitement and very special as they were for me only.  Those of you who are the eldest child will understand.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on April 23, 2010, 11:41:27 PM
Wir gehen nach Deutschland - Other than a few three or four day vacations which I can count on one hand for almost the past twenty years, we're finally going on a real vacation this summer.  Just reserved the room at a military resort hotel near Garmisch, Germany.  My wife is looking forward to returning to Germany after almost two decades.  She is discounting the old adage that you can never go home--in this case return to the way it was such a long time ago.  I'm brushing up on my German as we will be going local as much as possible if I have any say.  My daughter has never been there and this is her birthday present.  She's looking forward to it.  It will be hard for me to relax after being self-employed and constantly in work mode all these years but I will try.  My wife has good memories of Germany.  I worked for a back-stabbing boss most of my time there and so that experience taints my memory of the place.  So I'll see firsthand how/what adjustment is made.  Interestingly, I checked the resort's employment section and the possibility exists my wife and I could get a 13 month gig there as employees.  A huge cut in pay for me but my business would not suffer from the hiatus.  My daughter graduates high school in two years and niece in three.  My daughter could watch our house as she attends the local university while we're living and working there.  I'll be on the lookout for any old geezer employee and have a talk, just in case.   :)
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Post by: chloe on April 24, 2010, 04:42:56 AM
Magispook als hört sich wie ein großer Urlaub an  :dance
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on April 24, 2010, 08:07:34 AM
Sure enough!
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Post by: CountryLady on April 24, 2010, 01:48:45 PM
I love reading your posts Magispook. Not that I always have a reply, but you bring a richness of experience, culture and perspective that lingers long after I have left the page. :ty2 for being a part of OurCountryHaven. :hug
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on May 09, 2010, 10:40:29 AM
Been working the logistics of the vacation.  Transportation, tours, recreation (paragliding off an alpine mountain for my daughter), lodging reserved so far.  Itinerary worked out with significant free time built in.  Having an operations background, planning and implementing is natural for me.  Been buying a few odds and ends for the trip although we have most stuff already.  Been making a list of stuff to pack for my carry-on bag which is rather easy as it is basically a light BOB without fire making goodies or a knife.  I have been feeling a bit guilty about taking the vacation but it has been almost two decades since I took one.  I've whittled down our debt to mortgage only and this vacation will extend payoff of the mortgage by more than a year or perhaps two.  Priority for use of recreational facilities by military retirees on military sponsored resorts is always last place and this window opened up out of the blue so to speak so it falls into the "once in a lifetime" realm.  However, I've been reading other boards and there seems to be a concensus (happens sporadically each year it seems) that a financial crash or some other event or events that will change life as we know it is "imminent."  Rather than temper my enthusiasm about the prospects of a vacation in light of potential life altering events, these conclusion-predictions reinforce that old southern WV coal mine tradition of eating dessert before the main meal.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: jollyquilter on May 09, 2010, 03:05:52 PM
 :) You put a  smile on  my face. Go for it, and please allow us to go along thru your written word.  :clap
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: CountryLady on May 09, 2010, 05:13:20 PM
Dan, I found some info you might be interested in and posted it at...

        Bon voyage~!
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on May 09, 2010, 07:14:36 PM
Thanks for looking out for me.  I checked with TRICARE (military retiree health insurance) when initially planning the trip and determined we do have coverage and surprisingly the method of submitting claims is unchanged regardless of where in the world we happen to be.  I read current Secretary of Defense Gates wants to overhaul the military health system (i.e. reduce benefits) but I doubt he will be successful, at least within the timeframe our trip is scheduled for.  Lots of folks do not factor in the possibility of sickness/injury during an overseas trip but I suspect that is when the opportunity for such is most possible since one is out of one's day-to-day circumstances and familiar surroundings.  If you factor in not acting one's age ("here, hold my beer and watch this!"), the potential increases.
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Post by: Rosesfirst on May 09, 2010, 08:17:28 PM
Have a wonderful,safe trip and take lots of pics.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: CountryLady on May 10, 2010, 02:24:57 AM
Wishing you well and fun besides on your vacation, Magispook. :wave4
This will be a vacation to remember for a lifetime for your family. ENJOY~! :hug

Has the area you are going to been affected by the ash from the Iceland volcano that has the airline industry at a standstill in some places there?

Oh and please let me know 'somehow' your approximate departure & return dates.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on May 10, 2010, 08:09:09 PM
I do plan to take lots of pictures of my thumb with parts of Europe in the background.  Would like to do a journal but won't be taking my laptop due to power considerations so any notes will be by hand and I have difficulty reading my own handwriting (typing and spell check really have spoiled me).  I suspect the trip will generate a pondering or musing or two.  Won't be leaving for a while yet so I get to relish the upcoming trip and enjoy the consequent anticipation.  Kinda like smelling homemade bread or chocolate chip cookies baking........
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: CountryLady on May 13, 2010, 12:58:34 PM
Consider taking along one of your tiny voice recorders to tell your perceptions to.
Pretend you have a direct line back here to OCH. :lol
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on May 13, 2010, 03:18:10 PM
Believe it or not, that is the very same solution I came up with.  Last time I was in Germany, Twin Peaks was extremely popular with the Germans.  The main character used a small voice recorder for similar purposes.  Wonder if they'll think I'm an FBI agent..........
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: CountryLady on May 13, 2010, 06:07:56 PM

  :cigar   :hat   :coolsmiley:   :o   :No1   ::)   :lol   :lol   :lol   :lol   :lol
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: chloe on May 13, 2010, 11:32:22 PM
See what 2 good minds can do when you put them to gether to figure out a solution.  :giggle
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on July 08, 2010, 12:44:57 AM
Just a quick note to say we just made it back from our ten day Germany trip (excluding two days of travel).  Been awake for 25 hours straight so will pass more info when I'm coherent.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: jollyquilter on July 08, 2010, 07:20:00 AM
Glad to know you are back safe and sound!!! Now you get some sleep eye and we will be waiting.  :yes
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: chloe on July 08, 2010, 11:00:58 AM
Me to I am glad you all are back home safe and sound.

I would sing you a Lullaby to help you get to sleep but after 25 hours I don't think you
will need it.

Welcome home.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: CountryLady on July 08, 2010, 11:49:36 AM
:clap Hope your trip was :fantastic

Looking forward to your reports WHEN you have time. Just don't feel like you have to tell it all in one post. I'm sure there are many posts of insights and entertainment to come, altho a brief overview would be helpful. Did you, your wife & daughter(s) enjoy yourselves overall?

I'd better stop asking questions. :blush You're sure to be more tired today than ever.
Vacations are like that. :dance
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Magispook on July 09, 2010, 08:05:11 PM
Cliff's Notes Version:  Went there.  Weather was cooperative.  Went off the diet but all things in moderation.  Ate well.  Lost five pounds anyhow.  Did a lot of walking.  My German and Italian were sufficient.  Looked the German part (used to do surveillances there) and was spoken to in German before they figured out I was American.  Bavarian German is different from Hessen German but I got along and learned some new vocabulary.  Bavarians seem more hillbilly-like so we got along well being from the same mold so to speak.  Pre-planning the trip to include down-time from tours paid off.  Tours were informative and part of the tourist thing but exhausting.   Been to Dachau before but my daughter hadn't and was able to correlate the experience with some reading she did in school--now the writings she had to read make sense to her.  Not much opportunity for "me" time.  Didn't worry about my business here in USA while there but need to get back in mode.  Hope some work comes in soon.  Daughter liked paragliding so much she used a lot of her discretionary spending money to fly again on her own dime.  Switzerland was expensive.  Went to a restaurant near the top of the Alps and the equivalent of a McDonalds chicken nuggets, fries, and a coke was $30.  A bowl of soup I had was $10. Munich was good but all the girls wanted to do was shop.  Security getting back into the US was a real PITA and made the trip back seem forever-went through five security screenings and that was for standard folks.  Lots to write about when the muse hits including the contrast between European women and American women.  Garmisch was so great that my wife and I will seriously explore spending months there at a time if budget will allow following the girls' graduations.  Thanks for the well-wishes and patience.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: Rosesfirst on July 09, 2010, 09:37:35 PM
Glad you made it back safe and well.
Sounds like you saw some great sites and had a lot of fun.( except the airport).
I would love to go lots of places but until I grow wings it won't happen. I'm afraid of flying.
Title: Re: Geezerville 8
Post by: chloe on July 09, 2010, 11:04:12 PM
Magispook you all's trip sures sounds like a exciting trip.
I hope will post some pic too.