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Title: Unwelcome Opportunity
Post by: Magispook on June 14, 2005, 08:25:30 AM
Well, I have more or less just joined the ranks of the unemployed. I'm self-employed and have a specialized skill. My client has just changed the rules of engagement and my income will be reduced by about 80%. I'll probably have to look for another job as there is no chance of things changing for the better anytime soon. Good thing I have mortgage and car payment paid three months in advance and we have food preps stored. It will give us some breathing room until I can land a regular job. The effort I put into alternative energy and doing things for ourselves will pay in the form of reduced energy and food bills. I will miss being my own boss.  I will get to test what kind of market there is for a 50 year old as well. Actually I'm not intimidated by this change, only frustrated. My wife and I started with nothing and know we can make due--it's just that we were hoping to have gone beyond the struggling years. I can see how non-preppers would panic if placed in the same situation. BTW, I will place something I've written about depression in Ponderings--it's not related to this recent change.
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Cinderella1 - * Staff *

Sorry about your "unwelcomed opportunity"  I may have the same
unwelcomed opportunity soon. I look on it as a challenge or as CL
might say: "A way of getting the heck out of Dodge"  Sometimes
I do think that God does more than point us in his direction. He, more
or less, pushes us in his direction. Like you, I am prepared with my
preps and savings. I would really be in a panic if I was a nonprepper.

Good luck! You seem like a person who will not let the grass grow under your feet (I have always liked that expression ) for very long.

Creekwoman - * Staff *

Oh man, sorry about your job Magispook. We were in a similar situation a few years ago but like you had planned ahead and weathered the storm just fine. I'm sure you will too!

I can't imagine how hard it must be for those who live with no preps of any kind and bills galore when this type of things hits them in the face.

I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and your wife and hope you find something soon.
CountryLady - OCH Founder  

Goodness Gracious...  

I'm sorry you're having to go through this, altho I'm sure you will master the situation. You WILL be in my thoughts and prayers.  

If there is ANYTHING I can do to be of service/assistance,
please let me know.  

Hugs, CL

mrsakraven - OCH Family

Sorry about the un-employment Magispook. That really bites!! You will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!!
We get called paraniod alot because we"stock" pile... guess who says that lol but like you...being perpared is the greatest!!
Please do let us know if there is anything we can do

taylor - Admin Asst.

So sorry to hear about your job loss Spook. You and your family will be in my prayers.

It must be a great comfort to know that you have made payments in advance. This will give you a great chance to chose a perfect job for yourself
Wishful Thinkin - * Staff *

So sorry about the sudden unemployment Magispook. I'd like to add my encouragement to the other's. I'm so glad you are prepared. This will buy you some much needed peace of mind. You will be in my prayers and I'm certain you will ride the storm just fine.  
CountryLady - OCH Founder

We're still thinking about cha, Magispook.  

Just want you to know that you're on my mind. I keep thinking that there are ways for you to stay self-employed, esp with your 'background'. I've got a link that might be helpful idea/concept-wise.

Keep us posted generally, so we don't start worrying. You know how we are.  LOL

Magispook - * Staff *

Right now work is still coming in fast and furious but it will slow down to a trickle soon enough. Meanwhile, I have been checking around to see what may be available. I have a source network and am attuned to conversations with potential information of value to me. A few opportunities will present themselves within the next few months. We have preps enough to get by until then.

roundpegmom - *Hostess*

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I guess it is a good thing to have some advanced warning. I went through a situation where my company lost a contract and we would be out of a job in 3 months. Although the warning was useful, it was a very slow painful death of my financial security. But it did force some much needed changes in my life.

Hopefully the networking will pay off for you, we're thinking good thoughts for you.
Magispook - * Staff *

As I write this, I'm working temporarily in Dark City. The deadlines are all close on the work so I may not be posting much in the immediate future. Will do some schmoozing while here, you betcha!

Magispook - * Staff *

Just an update. May was a good month and I did well in hours worked. Did not have to go into the preps at all. In fact, will be buying more food preps for the times ahead (work is definitely slowing down). And we have our little garden and salad barrels planted. Managed to have mortgage and vehicle payments paid four months in advance and am maintaining that cushion at present. There are natural peaks and valleys in my line of work so right now there has been no change. Reviewing my work hours during May 2004, I worked less then than this May. I'm hoping the job situation will change back to the way it should be but I'm keeping all options open. If things slow down drastically, might start hitting the local auctions and estate sales for things to sell on e-bay.
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Title: Unwelcome Opportunity
Post by: Magispook on July 12, 2005, 10:58:37 PM
Still holding our own.  Have switched over to the envelope budget system my wife and I used early on in our marriage when we were young and poor (now we're older and not as poor).  Cuts down on unnecessary spending and forces one to place on-hand funds into envelopes designated for future expenditures such as our quarterly medical insurance payments instead of using the funds for discretionary spending (wants instead of needs).  I found an advantage with this system in that I have funds set by for known future expenditures.  Should an emergency occur that makes using banking facilities difficult for a period of time, we have cash on hand from the set-aside envelopes to use right now in addition to the funds I have already set aside just for emergencies.  The down side of storing funds at home is the potential of fire or theft.  I have fireproof safes and means to protect to mitigate those problems but I admit there are times those things may not work.  Anyhow, thought ya'll would find the advantage of cash on hand through the envelope budget system worth thinking about.
Title: Unwelcome Opportunity
Post by: Creekwoman on July 12, 2005, 11:51:36 PM
We used that same system as a newly married young couple.  It worked well BUT I hope we don't have to go back to it.  Boy, we'd be putting a lot more money in each envelope today, compared to the middle 60's.

I've been wondering about you, glad you posted.  How's the job hunting going?
Title: Unwelcome Opportunity
Post by: Magispook on July 13, 2005, 06:53:45 AM
Put in an application to be an employee of my client instead of an outside contractor.  Received word it appears I'm qualified for the position and am waiting for the wheels of bureaucracy to spin.  Work is down to a trickle.  I have 20 hours so far this month and am going through the home honey-do list at present.
Title: Unwelcome Opportunity
Post by: countrydeb on July 13, 2005, 11:35:10 AM
Magispook, that's exactly what I'm considering at the moment too, becoming an employee of the hospital I now contract with.  

I really love the freedom of being self employed. But, benefits, paid vacations, paying less taxes, health insurance and providing the computer and equipment is looking real attractive.  And, it provides a little more security (although nothing is ever secure).  

Good luck with your application.
Title: Unwelcome Opportunity
Post by: Magispook on September 23, 2005, 09:50:49 PM
Just an update.  Got two weeks worth of work in....and the new contract increases my hourly wage by $2.  The job applications I submitted may bear fruit in the near future.  I will then have to decide whether to accept a real job with security and lower pay or try to ride the wave of this current work spree and be my own boss (I have been self-employed almost ten years).  I have no idea how long the current wave will last but suspect some changes will cause it to last at least long enough to pay off our van--it will take about a year to pay it off with the real jobs.  Regardless, our preps have been useful  and kept worry to a minimum.  My niece (lives with us) pretty well summed it up:  She was asking my wife and I for something pretty frivolous and I replied we are going through hard times right now and her request would require serious consideration.  She queried "what do you mean we're going through hard times?"   :applause
Title: Unwelcome Opportunity
Post by: mrsakraven on September 23, 2005, 11:21:05 PM
Good news.. :applause  I'm still wishing the best for ya hun!!!