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Home ideas?


well... after many years of trying to find land... we finally made the purchase on Oct 13th 2014.
We've given 1 acre to DS and his wife ... we'll set aside an acre for DD#2 and well.
I guess it's time I start planning my home

I've never built a home.. I've only purchased previously owned homes

but now.. where to begin

I'm pretty much interested in a polebarn home and wondering if any of you have some input on that idea

I really don't have any ideas for you but I hope you take us along as you plan and build your home.  :)

Simply~  I tried doing a search with "pole barn house" and several things came up but my internet connection isn't the best right. Maybe you can find what you're looking by doing that. Also you might want to do a search on Amazon, they have books on just about everything!!!

Congratulations on the purchase.

There are many online and book store publications that have basic home plans in them,  to look at and get some ideas.

I first would make a few list first being what has to be in the home, then what you and you DH would like there, and lastly the dream list of items if budget and times allow.

I don't know what type of building codes you have in your area, but would suggest once you decide on the type of building is to get a few quotes from the different tradesmen you will have working on the home and pick the one that has the best company references of their work. 

If you do decide to go with a timber/pole structure look at SIPS panels from the walls. They are one pieces of inside wall/insulation/exterior sheathing as a complete unit to be put up between the framing members of the building.

Enjoy the ride :)


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