Author Topic: Take Care of Your Vehicle and It Will Take Care of You  (Read 2178 times)

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Take Care of Your Vehicle and It Will Take Care of You
« on: September 30, 2014, 12:05:31 PM »
I ran into a situation yesterday that fortunately made me come out looking like a pretty smart grammy, but at the same time it was thought provoking.

DGD2 was in town, staying for a few days with DGD1 and the twins, and was getting ready to leave to go to a friends house in a neighboring town for the afternoon.  She had been on the phone with her mom, who told her to check the air in one of her tires that has a slow leak.  DGD2, at 20 years old, did NOT know how to do this.  Now in her defense, her step daddy is an ASE certified mechanic who takes care of all things mechanical at their house so the girls don't have to.....but she needs to know how to do this.  (This is a luxury I never had at her age.......BUT my dad made sure that I knew how to do it).

ANYWAY, DGD2 came to our house for Grandpa Troubleshooter to check her air pressure......only he wasn't home at the time.  She was just going to go on to her friend's house until I told her that "I" would show her how to do it.  She got a very surprised look on her face and mumbled "You know how to do that?"  I told emphatically that yes I did and that she should know how also.....and asked her what she was going to do when she moved a state away next month for college.  Her reply was "Well, I have a AAA Card"................oh my poor, dear GD how can you be so "book smart" and have so little "street smarts"?

A trip up the the local gas station/convenience store was in order along with a step by step crash course on how to check the air pressure and put air in the tire.  She was amazed!!  She said "That's all there is to it?"  Yes my DGD....and you hardly have to get your pretty little manicured hands dirty!!  I told her there would be a quiz on this and she chuckled......I wonder if she'll be chuckling when I call her this afternoon and ask pertinent questions on what she learned yesterday.

She also does not have a milk crate of extra bottles of necessary fluids for the car OR a get home bag in the trunk!! I asked her what she was going to do when she ran into a situation needing that extra bottle of fluid on the road on the way to or from college on a weekend and her answer was to call the step daddy.   What am I going to do with her?   

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Re: Take Care of Your Vehicle and It Will Take Care of You
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2014, 05:34:56 PM »
You know it would be a good thing for everyone to know some things about car maintenance.

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