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How To Make Your Own Incredibly Scented Mason Jar Candles
« on: August 24, 2014, 04:34:20 PM »
I saw this on Facebook and tracked it back to  and from there to  Hopefully I have given the proper credit to all involved.

Needed items:
1- 1/8 Nipple- can find them in the lighting section at home improvement stores
2- 1/8 Couplings- Should be right next to the Nipples.
2- 3/8 in Washers- You can buy these in a pack or individually.
Lamp Wicks 100% Cotton - purchased or made from old t-shirts
Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Citronella oil, Peanut oil, Liquid Parafin oil, Odorless Mineral Oil, or  Lamp Oil
Glass Jar(s)

This works by the oil being drawn up the wick where it vaporizes and gets burned by the flame. A few ounces of oil will burn for several hours, so if you are concerned about the cost, it is much cheaper than most candles.

If you want to get fancy with your olive oil lamp, you can infuse your  oil with herbs, spices or essential oils also try infusing your oil with  Pinecones Cranberries Fruit like Lemons or Limes or Oranges, Coffee beans ,Vanilla beans  etc for a more scented and Decorative experience.

Tools needed:
1- Cordless drill with a 3/8 drill bit or a really THICK screw driver and hammer to pound it through the lid.  We used a cordless drill and the screw driver and hammer method.  The screw driver is really great for pounding out a starter hole so that the drill has a guide.
2- You can use the hammer later to make sure the metal is flat if it rolls a little.
3- Block of wood.  You will want this so that you have something to pound or drill into.

1-   Make a dot where you want the hole to go in the lid.
2-  If you are using the drill, make a starter hole with the screw driver first.  Pound the back of the lid with the screw driver and the hammer.  It doesnít take much to make a hole.  Then, take the drill and hold the lid very, VERY tight.  It will try to spin on you if you donít.  Remember, 3/8 drill bit.
3-  Put the nipple through the hole.  On both sides of the lid, add a washer, and then a coupling.  The nipple should be longer underneath the lid than on top of the lid.  You will want the nipple and coupling to be flush on top of the lid.
4-  After that is attached, twist your strip of t-shirt and then thread it through the nipple.  It will expand a little after it is soaked with oil.
5-  Add oil to your jar to the desired amount.
6-  Attach completed lid back onto the jar.
7-  You will want to wait for the oil to soak all the way up the t-shirt before you light it, otherwise it will just burn it up.

Please go to the links I provided and check out some of the beautiful ways these jar candles may be used.  I hope to make several later on!!!  The attached picture is only one of the many shown on the sites. 

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Re: How To Make Your Own Incredibly Scented Mason Jar Candles
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2014, 04:12:24 PM »
So beautiful! And I bet they do smell great!

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Re: How To Make Your Own Incredibly Scented Mason Jar Candles
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2014, 01:31:49 PM »
Those are so cool, you know you this would be good to use up some oil that isn't as fresh as we like too.

 :thankyou: EM for finding these  :gthumbsup1:

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