Author Topic: Re-Conditioned my Wind Chimes and Sun Catcher  (Read 665 times)

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Re-Conditioned my Wind Chimes and Sun Catcher
« on: July 06, 2014, 05:32:43 PM »
As I mentioned on the Sunporch the other day, I spent the biggest end of an afternoon untangling my hummingbird wind chimes and re-stringing one of them.  I had given the hummingbirds to a very dear friend in southwest Virginia before she passed away and she had kept them in her kitchen windows.  After her passing, her daughter contacted me and wanted me to have them back, so I gratefully took them.

It is amazing to me how fishing line can get so tangled when things are wrapped in tissue paper and stored away, but they were certainly a mess.  I thought long and hard about just taking the scissors to them and completely re-stringing them, but if I had then they wouldn't have been Kathleen's anymore.  So I picked, and I swore, and I twisted, and I swore, and then I swore a little more just on principal and finally they cooperated with me and are hanging on my porch in the sun.

The suncatcher is a completely re-built model.  I can't actually remember what it started life as, but somehow or other it had gotten broke.  So I broke out the beads and fine wire and created my own pattern.  It won't win first place anywhere, but I DID IT. 

Here are pictures of the items that have kept me out of trouble this week.

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Re: Re-Conditioned my Wind Chimes and Sun Catcher
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2014, 12:12:19 PM »
Nicely done, Elle Mae. :claphands:

I bet you are really enjoying them.  :smitten:

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Re: Re-Conditioned my Wind Chimes and Sun Catcher
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2014, 09:08:34 PM »
WM your chimes are so pretty.  :gthumbsup1:

 I feel sure your friend enjoyed them and now you can enjoy them and all the memories of her when you hear the tingles.  :)

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