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What can we do now to help our situation?

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With what is going on around us these days, what should be do now?

Maybe step up our preparedness efforts?

Gas is sure to go a lot higher which means everything is going up and it look like it will be rising higher more rapidly

Elle Mae:
Fortunately for us, a tank of gas now lasts a month due to us both being retired.  As for other things.....at the grocery, etc we try to buy "one extra" of everything.  I'm trying to impress upon others in the household to let me know when there is only one of something left on the shelf......with the theory of "two is one and one is none".  It's working somewhat.

Maybe you might consider doing a little gardening. Even in an apartment or in town there are a lot of sites that help with container gardening.

Elle Mae:
A garden was in our plans for this year.  However, we do not own a tiller, nor would either of us be capable of handling one now if we did.  A friend and neighbor was going to come over and use his to do our garden, however a person he loaned it to has YET to return it to him.  There is a produce place not far from here, so we are hoping to buy a bushel of various produce items and do them up.  I hate to say that out loud for fear of something going wrong there like it did with the tiller.  I do have all the canning equipment I would need as well as a dehydrator (remember when I was so excited about getting my Excalibur, CL???) so that part is no problem.

You know how some years you get by with only breaking a bolt or two?  Well, this year so far, we have not only broke the bolts, but also everything they held together it seems like.  It will get better and we'll get by.

Have you heard of keyhole gardens?  Do you know anyone who has tried a keyhole garden?  I'm wondering if this would be a good time to choose a space and gather materials.  Start building and composting as weather permits and be ready to plant in the spring.

What native edible plants grow in your area?  Are you gathering and cultivating them? 


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