Author Topic: February 10th on the Sunporch  (Read 5886 times)

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February 10th on the Sunporch
« on: February 10, 2017, 09:57:28 AM »
 :GMSmiley1: OCH!  Hope you are all surviving the unpredictable weather we're experiencing around the country. 

There's   :teacup:  :8-coffee: and hot chocolate to go with  :8-cinbuns: and banana muffins.

We just got our annual half a beef so I'll be spending the weekend canning up the rest of the ground beef and a couple of roasts that we have left from last year.  If I have time and my canning jar order arrives on time, I'll do a canner load of chicken too.

Stay warm and dry everyone and have a great weekend.


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Re: February 10th on the Sunporch
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2017, 01:44:27 PM »
Thank you for putting on the coffee pot L2Q  :1-best: !!!   :icon_hug:  It's good to see you!!  You're going to be one busy lady putting up that half beef, but it surely will be comforting to know you have it in the pantry.

Speaking of yucky weather.......we had SIX inches of new snow the night before last!!  Now I realize that compared to a lot of the areas we did well, but that was surely a wakeup call (literally) when we got up the next morning to all the whiteness!!  Fortunately for us, the backup battery on our whole house generator decided to need replaced TWO days prior to the snow hitting, so the repair man got it replaced just in time and as luck would have it we didn't have occasion to need it........ :whisper: but we all know what would have happened if it hadn't been replaced. 

I just got home from the doctor (and I've heard rumors that some folks actually go other places than the doctor, but not me) about 20 minutes ago.  Today I was at the nephrologist, sent there by my primary care physician who didn't like the looks of some of the blood tests from my wellness check up.  Turns out I have a golf ball sized (his words not mine) fluid filled cyst on each kidney.  Aren't I just the lucky one???  So he is sending me to have more and different blood work done and a CT scan of my kidneys to see if anything else is going on.  He said if everything came back ok that he  would just need to keep checking my kidneys, but that nothing else would need to be done.  I asked him about draining the cysts and he said no....unless the cysts started to grow or change otherwise.  So I guess I AM the lucky one.   :1-giggle:

I hope everything is going well for everyone else!!!  Love you all!!!  Stay safe and stay warm   :grouphugg:

"Just off of the beaten path, a little dot on a state road map. That's where I was born and where I'll die. Things move at a slower pace nobody's in the rat race and these days that's a special way of life"   - Down Home by Alabama

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Re: February 10th on the Sunporch
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2017, 02:40:21 PM »
HI... poppin in to see if any one still visits here... hope you all are well...
Im hanging in there... I always popped in and out... so no one probably will remember me...
Loved the visits on the porch, though!

take care