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All these are what I have been doing while we have been on a break. My old computer bit the dust so I figured I might as well get busy.

I have canned chili, bbq , deer, beans (several kinds) Dried veggies, meat, and fruit Frozen some dinners, meat plus veggie.

DH smoked a deer hind quarter yesterday and I will be bagging it up for the freezer tonight.

Have you seen the add for the freeze dry home units?  I wish I had one  :Yes1:

I haven't been doing a lot of freezing Chloe but in the last couple of weeks I've done; enchiladas, waffles, pancakes, browned hamburger and chili.  I like to keep things in the freezer for DH when I'm out socializing!  He doesn't like socializing, would much rather stay home and work, so if I keep things in the freezer for him I don't feel guilty. :3-chef:

 creekwoman  I agree it sure is a good thing to have freezer meal. It gave my DH some evening meal when He needed them.

This passed weekend DH smoked a deer shoulder. We sliced it up this evening for sandwiches, I divided then up for meals and they are in the freezer.

I've been canning applesauce since the apples aren't keeping real well probably due to the unusually warm fall we have been enjoying, not complaining about the weather though, it's been nice.  Also canned beef, pork and chicken thighs and roasted an extra turkey on Friday and canned that too.

DH didn't go out deer hunting this year so we won't be having venison to can, that's okay we'll make do with everything else.

We just used up the last cartons of chili from the freezer so will try to make time to cook a big batch or two and can and/or freeze it soon.


luvs2quilt  I do love applesauce I am sure you will enjoy it too.

I need to make more chili too. Right now I have some more deer meat in the canner. I am trying to get all the rest from the freezer as my son said they
already have 2 deer for me over what they need. I am so blessed.

What is your recipe for the chili as I love to try out new recipes


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