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Remodeling Sewing/Craft Room


I am looking forward to getting my sewing room redone. I do have an issue with one of the walls. Water leak caused one wall to need fixing. This means taking down some shelves and fixing the wall. While we are at it, it is a good time to reorganize everything too.

I have to say this will be a major undertaking. But before it get started we will need to replace the roof of the house first. This will be done hopefully in the next couple of months.

Bless your heart, Chloe. You'll have your hands full with all that construction.  :icon_hug: :2-kiss: :gfriends1: :1-flowersyel:

I just hope you can wait until you're all done with your surgery and stuff before this happens.


Me toooo!!  :1-giggle:


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