Author Topic: Jewelry Craft-along part D - Not a bracelet  (Read 549 times)

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Jewelry Craft-along part D - Not a bracelet
« on: February 13, 2015, 10:12:56 AM »
 :tornado:  Did a quick search through my craft ideas for a quick gift.  I've been intending to do this brooch to turn miscellaneous beads no longer worn into something for a wearable gift.  I think I will do something different, though.  I think I will "build" my brooch on two layers of felt or denim or something similar, fused together with fusible web.   Then attach a jewelry pin or large safety pin to the back.  Why is this different from the tutorial?  The tutorial stitches the beads to an old coat.  Instead, my brooch can be attached to different coats or jackets or totes or a clutch.

I know, there's the old question of what to do for a man.  Think food!   :2funny:

So here's the tutorial.  Sorry if I'm repeating myself from a previous post.  But if so, I couldn't find it, and I think this craft bears repeating.   :gthumbsup1:  I hope you enjoy it.

PS  I use this wire to string beads.

Beadlon bead-stringing wire
19 Strand
.018 in  15 ft
0.46 mm  4.6 m
silver color