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Our Country Sunporch / Re: Itís been awhile but I think of you often
« Last post by AtWitsEnd on May 21, 2020, 05:19:18 PM »
I also think of you all often and have you in my favorites. Here's my update:

I did move to PA to be with my daughter and family two years ago. It has not worked out as I thought it would. Although I love them dearly, I can't find an apartment I can afford and I am going crazy living with them. Soooooooooooo
I am moving back to Florida on June 2. All my stuff is shipping in pods and I will take the auto train. I have a temporary place to live in the woods not far from where I did live while I look for a place to rent. I started an Ebay store about a year ago and although I will never get rich from it I am making a few hundred every month and that's enough to help live a little more comfortably. Still quilting and crocheting and   :smileyflag:trying to stay out of trouble.

Hugs and kisses to all. Stay safe, wear your mask and stay healthy.
Our Country Sunporch / Re: Itís been awhile but I think of you often
« Last post by Elle Mae on April 18, 2020, 11:08:06 AM »
Helllooooo!!   :GMSmiley1:  Wow, I was out wandering about, unsupervised, and found my way back home!!!   :grouphugg:

In answer to your question........yes, twin great grand daughters....would you believe they're SIX YEARS OLD now???  And their little brother is FOUR.   And their cousin just turned ONE in March.  There has been a definite population explosion around here... :3-baby: :3-baby: :3-baby: :3-baby:

On a sad note, my best hubby Troubleshooter, passed away on October 18th of 2019.  We were married 46 years.  He was able to see two of his granddaughters married and all four of his great grand children born......the last with beautiful red hair just like his.  It was sudden.....a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.  But fortunately all of the living family members, with exception of the great grands, were present at his bedside when he passed.  It was peaceful.  He was holding my hand and looking into my eyes when he went.  He knew he was loved.......VERY much.

I think we all wander through here from time to time.  Coming home is a hard habit to break.  I know I'll be back.
Our Country Sunporch / Re: Itís been awhile but I think of you often
« Last post by whisperingpines on March 01, 2020, 12:35:54 PM »
Where is everyone??????

Our Country Sunporch / Re: Itís been awhile but I think of you often
« Last post by whisperingpines on September 04, 2019, 06:18:04 AM »
Morning everyone,

It has been a very long time. Been busy with working, and taking care of baby wild mammals.

 :GMSmiley1: :8-coffee: :8-cinbuns:
Our Country Sunporch / Re: Itís been awhile but I think of you often
« Last post by chloe on August 07, 2019, 11:25:00 AM »
As for myself I am still around. I don't even get on the computer that much anymore as health issues are about me right now.
Aviax2  With the farm and Grandson and the new Granddaughter which I am sure you look forward to those 3 days a week 
I do pop in from time to time here as it is  a nice habit to get to visit.
Our Country Sunporch / Itís been awhile but I think of you often
« Last post by aviax2 on July 31, 2019, 12:13:45 AM »
I see itís been almost to the hour of being a year since anyone posted here on the Sunporch.

I think of all of you on a regular basis and wondering how youíre all doing.
CL, how are things for you and Doc.
Taylor and her grand babies.
Chloe and her great grand babies.
AWE did you move closer to your daughter and grands.
L2Q are you still canning a lot.
Elle Mae and I believe you had some twin great grands.
Creek, howís the raspberries out in Iowa.
Dan, are you still hanging in trees and going on hikes.

My list isnít exhaustive and I donít want/mean to leave anyone out.

DH and I still stay fairly busy with the farm (more him then me, but I try and do what I can) and with our grandsons that are now 10 and 8, whew donít know how that happened. Weíve been blessed with a granddaughter back in March and we couldnít be more thrilled and we will be doing daycare for her about 3 days a week.

I miss you all and hope you pop by soon.
Our Country Sunporch / Re: It's A Sunny Sunday Morning
« Last post by creekwoman on July 31, 2018, 08:58:42 PM »

Whew, the coffee's a little old.  I've made fresh pot and there's plenty for all  :8-coffee:  Come join me.

Your moving time is getting close AWE.  What's the reason for the move?  I suppose you've said at one time or another but I didn't see it.

I've joined a group at a different church than mine and we make prayer shawls.  I'm not the best "crocheter" in the world but it's passable and hopefully I'll get better in time.  It's a fun group of ladies and we get together every other Monday.

 :grouphugg: to all,

Our Country Sunporch / It's A Sunny Sunday Morning
« Last post by AtWitsEnd on July 15, 2018, 08:44:36 AM »
 :GMSmiley1: everyone who makes it here today.

The packing is ongoing and the closing is set for August 3, not very far away. Today I'm working on the sewing room and the yarn closet. I have several of those bags that you pack and suck out all the air and that will make a mountain into a molehill that will fit nicely in my Pod. Great for shrinking all that fabric and yarn down to manageable size. Hopefully.

I'll be packing two sewing machines, a tote of fabric, some yarn and tools into the car so while my Pod will be stored until I find a place, I'll have stuff to work on while I'm staying with my daughter and her family. I can set up my machines in the basement so I don't go crazy. 

Leaving my woods will be hard but I'm ready, willing and able to make this change to my advantage and it will give me joy to be closer to my daughter and the family.

There still some coffee in the pot if anyone comes by. Be safe and keep cool. It's hot out there.
AWE :smileyflag:
Our Country Sunporch / Re: Summer Is Coming
« Last post by AtWitsEnd on June 15, 2018, 05:57:19 AM »
Elle Mae, glad to see you are still here, warming a rocker on the sunporch.
I took the dive and put my house on the market last Friday and yesterday accepted an offer. Fastest house selling I've ever seen. Closing is 6 weeks from today so now I have to get my rear in gear and get everything started to make the move.
My daughter Sara is exstatic. I'm excited, happy and terrified all at once. PA is beautiful but I will miss my woods a lot.
I have to get all the stuff I already packed and make sure I really want to take it all. Then start packing the rest of the stuff. Not moving much furniture, only a bed, a few chests and table, chairs, etc. My living room furniture would be too bid for a small apartment so I'll be hunting the thrift shops up there.
Tomorrow I will go to my regular quilt guild meeting and let my quilt sisters know I am really leaving them. It will be sad but I have a few more meetings before I go. My Wednesday group will be missed as well.
The coffee's on, there's hot water for tea and I've left some scones for whoever comes by. I need to start some lists of stuff to do. Take care, stay safe.

AWE  :smileyflag:

Our Country Sunporch / Re: Summer Is Coming
« Last post by Elle Mae on May 17, 2018, 08:26:17 AM »
 :GMSmiley1: AWE!!  It's so good to hear from you!!  I wander through OCH from time to time and in my mind I re-visit our many wonderful conversations here on the Sunporch and the scurry to see who would be the first here to "put the coffee on" and "fix breakfast".  I do miss everyone.

I, also, hang our handmade ornaments on the tree yearly just like you AND just like you, I have NOT put my granny squares together that we all worked on so diligently many years ago.  Did you ever put your quilt squares together?  Nope, I haven't done those either.  Both sets of squares are safely stored away for "someday" to come so I can get them finished. 

I hope you find a perfectly wonderful property in Pennsylvania and that you will be happy there.  I don't envy you the job of packing up and getting moved though.  It would take one designated truck just to haul all my craft stuff!!  lol   We've lived here in the same house since 1987 and I just can't fathom the amount of work it would take to pack up all the memories that are stored in all the nooks and crannies here in our 1870s farmhouse.  This house has raised our three kids, two of our four grandchildren, and gave the three great grandchildren a good start on life.  I can't help but wonder how many other children have grown up here over the years.

I was here during Y2K also.  I think I joined originally in the mid to late 1990s.  Then I wandered off for a while, but just like a bad penny, I returned.  lol  There were quite a few of us here during that time and we had some very interesting discussions, and I can say that I learned a lot from you more knowledgeable folks.  Thank you for being patient with me.

I hope you're enjoying your morning "get together" with your lady friends while you catch up on "current events" and solve all the world's problems this morning.  I'll start another pot of coffee and put some more water in the tea kettle in case any of the other members happen to wander in this morning.

Take good care of yourself, AWE.  I sure miss talking with you.

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