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Title: Tips for Seniors
Post by: Elle Mae on October 09, 2014, 12:40:34 PM
Get in shape

As a senior citizen, you will most likely not be able to run two miles, but in most cases you shouldnít have to. A wiser person would be able to figure out how to get something done without having to run. Your goal, though, should be to get in good enough shape that you wonít be holding the group back. If youíre couch-bound and canít walk a mile, itíll be very difficult to convince a good group that they should take you in. Diet and exercise are key to staying healthy.  Find a moderate exercise program that you can do regularly to keep you limber and maintain muscle tone.  It is easier to maintain muscle tone than to regain it once it's gone.

You donít have to be able to fight off three guys at once, you just have to not be a liability. Do you know enough about self defense, tactics, or car repair that you can teach things that you canít do yourself anymore? You donít have to be able to crawl inside a car engine to be of value to a group that doesnít have a mechanic, but you do have to be in good enough shape to be able to diagnose a problem, get into it enough to show someone else how to do it, and speak well enough to explain what you're wanting them to do and why.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is a great preventative medicine for everyone, not just seniors. Do you know what foods are healthy and which arenít? Do you know several recipes that you can use with basic foods that are easy to store that will keep you healthy?  Diet boredom will set in quickly without a variety of foods available.  That 100 pounds of rice and beans will get old real quick without something along with it for variety.

Eating the right thing goes along with getting in shape by exercising. If youíre overweight, youíre going to have a difficult time convincing people that you can hold your own, and an even more difficult time actually holding your own. Start learning how to eat right and then live it. Lose weight and get rid of those sugars and starches that are causing you problems.

Find alternative medications

A big concern to seniors that affects them as a group more than younger people is medication. What would you do if medicine stopped being produced in the next six months?

The best thing you can do outside of stockpiling (which is a temporary solution and has its own problems), is to be able to find alternative medication. Research.....Research....Research   If there are other medications that will help you, you may be able to barter for them to get you by if you run out.

Even better than finding alternative medication would be to find natural medication that can suffice. Can you make a suitable replacement from plants and herbs?  If not, start reading and learning now.  What are the possible interactions between your meds and herbs?  This is important to know!!

Learn all you can about your condition. There may be certain things that you can stop doing, or start doing, that will reduce the likelihood of needing medication. Going back to the getting-in-shape thing, a lot of medical conditions are helped with people who are in shape and aggravated when people are out of shape.

Find a group and make yourself valuable to them

The biggest thing a senior citizen should do to prepare is to find a group of like-minded individuals that you can trust. This is true for everyone, but even more so for seniors. Seniors in general have the advantage that theyíve experienced more in life than younger people have. As such, theyíll have seen things that others may not have yet. Do you remember Old George from Kevin Costnerís movie Postman? He was an old VietNam War vet and aerospace engineer. He wasnít too physically spry but was immensely helpful to the group. Be Old George.

Start looking at things that you can learn about that you can either teach or do that a group may need. Do you have any medical training that you could dive into? Can you sew? In today's throw away society, how many people know how to darn a sock or sew on a button?  If you take a look at the type of food that people stock or homesteaders grow, do you know how to cook great food with these ingredients?  If you're short an ingredient for a recipe, do you know what you could use to replace it?

In order to be accepted into a worthy group, you have to convince them that youíd be a productive member of their society. In a bad scenario, groups of families wonít be able to take in everyone. No matter how much they may like you as an individual, they wonít allow their children to go hungry in order to feed someone whoís just going to sit there.

Take stock of what youíve done in life. Have you raised children of your own? Do you have military experience from VietNam or other wars? Did you grow up on a farm? Did you help your dad in his carpentry shop?  Do you have leather working skills?  These types of people will be very valuable. It's never too late to start learning useful skills.

Whatever skills you have, you need to start learning more. Focus more on learning than buying. Most people think theyíre prepared just because they stocked a bug out bag and have a bug out route to a cabin in the woods stocked with rice. When instead they should be learning how to make things, fix things, and find things if the situation warrants it.  Do they even know if they like rice?  Do they have wood cut and available to build a fire in their cook stove?  And just how often have they ever used that cook stove?  Do they actually know how to set the damper on the stove pipe?

Once youíve found your group, take an active part in making sure everyoneís ready. If youíre retired, youíll probably have a lot of free time. Why not use that time to help others while you help ensure your future safety?  Share some of your home cooked "goodies" with them and watch the surprise on their faces when you tell them what the ingredients are.  Everyone loves homemade bread....make some for them.  Hem those pants and patch the knees, reinforce the elbows on that old jacket....they'll be amazed.

Set up a good communications plan so that everyone can reach each other in case of emergency. It wonít do much good to be ready to be picked up if they donít know where youíre at or that you need picked up.  If possible set up a central meeting place for various members of your group for pick up.  Do you have a phone tree set up?

Become the shoulder that others lean on when they need someone. Help watch the children of others in the group. Try to fit yourself into their lives now in ways that they will be able to use you if needed.

Also, remember that most emergencies are small and short-lived. Make sure that you fit yourself into their lives in normal emergencies such as when they get sick or their house gets broken into. Donít just live for a worst-case scenario. It isnít healthy and isnít likely to happen. That doesnít mean you shouldnít prepare for that, just donít do it at the expense of things more likely to happen.

This was based on an article from Gray Wolf Survival (http://graywolfsurvival.com/2502/how-should-a-senior-citizen-prepare-for-shtf/)
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Good Info for sure Thank you for finding it. :gthumbsup1:

Proper nutrition is a great preventative medicine for everyone

    Whats fun it that  :gquestion2:
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Are we as Seniors really prepared  :gquestion2:

I just re-read Elle Mae post I thought we all can check and see where were stand as to being prepared.  :gthumbsup1: