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End of Summer 2017
« on: September 04, 2017, 05:55:38 PM »
Good Evening Everyone. Thankfully today is the end of the last hurrah of summer and all the weekenders, campers, tubers, 4 wheelers, all their nasty kids, cars and boats have gone home. The trees are sighing in relief and the deer are coming out of hiding. The rain on Saturday kept the noise down but Sunday and today was just a 4 wheeler happy dance, up and down my road 'til I thought I'd scream. Well, enough of that. It's over now and I'll only have the same six cars and trucks on the road tomorrow.

Off to PA on Thursday to celebrate the youngest grandson's 4th birthday. Be back on the 17th. Of course if Irma has her way and finds a home in Florida I'll be worried sick. Keeping a good thought and praying for another reprieve.

How has everyone been? Got an email from CL a few weeks ago, maybe a month ago, you know how time is when you are old. I've been doing good. Doing lots of sewing, mostly finishing things I started years ago and making purses to rejuvenate my Etsy store before Christmas. I am hoping to find a few more patterns and to keep sewing 'til my fingers fall off.

Gotta go. I need to find something for dinner and get back in the sewing room. Hope to talk to y'all again soon.
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